Highest Quality


CBS Farms CBD Cannabis conforms to the standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) or ISO 9001, which means that our cannabis will meet the highest quality standards in the industry. A rigorous quality control system in which we continuously optimise, document and supplement the facilities and processes is an integral part of our ongoing development. This ensures, for example, that every product is free of contaminants and that we can deliver in reproducible quality.
Regular audits, visits (production partners) and samples guarantee compliance with the processes and the quality of the products.


The controlled cultivation begins already in the selection of genetics. Our genetics comes to 100% from our own home. Genetics is guaranteed by CSB Farms. Cuttings from our natural breeding are not exposed to harmful pesticides or herbicides. These are carefully selected with a ratio of 1/100 (from 100 cuttings in the genetics test, 1 mating is selected). Selected cuttings are grown into mother plants. Cuttings (cloning) which are used for the actual production of our raw materials, we gain from the mother plants. This care guarantees us raw materials of the highest quality.

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